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Raising Autistic Disciples aims to partner with parents and caregivers to raise autistic disciples for God's Kingdom.

Raising Autistic Disciples

For Christian parents who are entering the autism journey the immediate worry is how to wrap our mind around the diagnosis. In an effort to reframe this immediate response as a Christian parent to instead: How do we teach him or her to love God and enjoy Him forever?

Raising Autistic Disciples aims to be a gospel focused resource and encouragement for those desiring to raise autistic disciples for God's Kingdom.

Autism & The Discipleship Gap

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FREE 7-Day Devotional

If you just received a child’s autism diagnosis or are a seasoned veteran parent, download our 7-day Bible study devotional guide. This devotional is meant to encourage and equip you to view autism through a gospel lens. Friend, on the good days and on the hard days, God has not left you. He sees you and has counted YOU worthy to raise your autistic child, whom he made just the way he or she is… 🔑 for his glory. 🔑

Resources & Links
Looking for book recommendations, sensory toys or useful tools for navigating autism? Check out theses tried and true RAD recommendations.

More devotionals, prayer guides, and resources COMING SOON!

Raising Autistic Disciples Podcast
Are you a parent, caregiver, or friend of someone on the autistic spectrum? Do you also desire to steward, raise, and encourage them to love and follow Jesus? If so, this podcast is for you!

Join Collin & Larah as they dive into the life or raising autistic disciples for God’s Kingdom. This podcast is packed with rich theology and encouragement for parents and caregivers. Search for “Raising Autistic Disciples” wherever you listen to podcasts.


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